SmartPalate System

Cambridge School’s Speech and Language Department offers the CompleteSpeech SmartPalate for articulation therapy — a service that was added in response to a growing need to enhance support for students who are challenged by persistent articulation problems.

What makes SmartPalate unique is that it is an electropalatography program (EPG) that provides visual biofeedback for the student in real-time during speech. In recent years, a growing body of research has supported the efficacy of EPG therapy, which “derives its effectiveness from enabling children to develop conscious control of the internal cues associated with tongue control.” (Gibbon and Wood, 2010, Zin, 2021)

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The SmartPalate…

  • Is ideal for those with persistent articulation challenges, particularly apraxia and speech sound disorders. However, it has also been applied to accent reduction and fluency cases

  • Looks similar to a retainer, but includes embedded sensors connected to a data link, which displays the student’s tongue placement during speech onto a computer

  • Provides for greater accuracy over traditional articulation therapy, allowing students to see what is happening as they articulate and can more effectively modify their production

  • Is the most cost-effective approach to articulation disorders

To learn more about EPG therapy and research studies that support its effectiveness for articulation intervention, visit the CompleteSpeech website.

Impact of the SmartPalate

The initial response has been dramatic. One student, despite multiple years of traditional articulation therapy, was able to modify his production of the /r/ sound from 0% accuracy to 80% accuracy in the first session of using the program. The visual feedback that the program provides drastically changes the student’s performance in the therapy program.

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If your child has persistent articulation difficulties despite time invested in traditional articulation therapy he or she may be an ideal candidate for the SmartPalate program.

The Cambridge School Speech and Language Department also offers free screenings to families who have concerns that their child is struggling in the areas of speech and/or language development. To schedule a screening email Alicia Parson, MS, CCC-SLP Director of Speech and Language Pathology.

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